by Brandt Corbin

        It was the start of the 1997 season, the Manitoba Moose were heading into their second year in the International Hockey League. At the time, the team was seeking a rough and tumble two way forward, one that could more than just an enforcer. They had come upon a by the name of Jimmy Roy, a 22-year-old rookie who had just played one season with the Canadian National Team. Little did they know, they were signing the team’s most popular player in franchise history, some would even argue the most popular player in Winnipeg Hockey History.

Nine seasons with Moose    

     Roy was born September 22, 1975 in Sioux Lookout, Ontario. He was drafted 254th overall by the Dallas Stars, but never signed by the NHL team, instead he played two years at Michigan Tech. But it was quite clear earlier on in his Moose career he was not going anywhere anytime soon, a mutual feeling between both the team and the player. He would play nine seasons with the Moose (4 IHL, 5 AHL) setting individual team records, 603 games played, 101 goals scored and 1434 Penalty Minutes.     In 2006-07 both parties parted ways, Roy then moved onto Germany playing with the Iserlohn Roosters, and has played the last five seasons with the club. Nobody with Moose has worn #21 since, the number has not been retired yet, but its all a matter of time. One of Roy’s best games as a Moose came January 14, 2005 he scored all three goals in a 3-0 win against San Antonio.

Many reason why he was popular    

     Over his time with the Moose, Roy was one of the most scrappiest during his time in the American Hockey League, one of those players that you love to play with but hate to play against. In 2002-03, he won the Yannick Dupre Memorial Award, awarded to the AHL player who best represents the spirit of Yanick Dupre with his involvement in the community. Jimmy also was names the Moose’s most popular player three years in a row starting in 2001 to 2004. Roy was also a major factor off the ice, whether it be attending schools and visiting kids, or going to local hospitals he did both a on regular basis. Jimmy Roy to this day is and will be in the hearts of those Manitoba Moose fans, for many reason.