by Brandt Corbin

      Watching the Jets over the past few days, one thing has started to become obvious. We do not have the imposing figure in the lineup, one that makes you think twice before they take a run at your best player. No disrespect meant to Chris Thornburn or Troy Bodie, but both Saturday night (vs Nashville) and Today (vs Ottawa) the other team had guys running around, with no fear of the consequences. Some of you are thinking what’s the big deal? Predators Zach Stortini won the game for Nashville on Saturday, his two big hits on Derek Meech and Tobias Enstrom. Because of those 2 hits he drew 3 penalties, in which his team went 2 for 3 on the PP. If you have someone in the lineup that commands and demands respect, that doesn’t happen as much or at all. Eventually guys like Stortini and  Chris Neil running at Tobias Enstrom or Matt Carkner hitting Evander Kane after the whistle, will take our best players out of the line-up and there is no denying it. It’s only the pre-season but enough is enough, lets do something about it.

What can be done about it?

     Again no disrespect to Thornburn or Bodie,  but if they had a choice they’d rather not scrap the leagues top heavyweights 15 times a year. One logical choices would be David Koci who’s in the Jets training camp. I was kind of shocked with how well he performed as a forward versus Carolina on Sunday. If you would have a 6’6 240 pounder like Koci, other teams and their hitters would take notice. Does Bodie have more to offer than Koci? Yes, but we technically have a Bodie already in Thornburn.     A possible second option is Winnipeg native Colton Orr, who by this time next week could be waivers. He’s in a fight for his job with fellow tough guy Jay Rosehill. If Orr is 100% recovered from his concussion issues last year, he’d be a perfect policeman.

Other predators close by

     Again some of you are still not convinced. Keep this in mind, this year alone we’ll face Patrick Kaleta (4 times), Matt Cooke (4 times), Max Talbot (4 times) & Colby Armstrong (4 times). These 4 players, I would consider predators. Being hit from the blindside is eventual. Having that one or two guys in the lineup such as Orr or Koci, will ensure we’re not a victim of cheapshots. Do you ever wonder why The Islanders and Penguins got so out of control? Endless amounts of Islanders fell victim to concussions and after awhile they quite simply had enough and they fought back.