by Brandt Corbin 

   Is no news good news or bad news? We're coming up on 45 days since the Jets have been back in Winnipeg, but everything is hush hush regarding Zach Bogosian and his contract status. The 21-year-old defenseman is an RFA after being qualified June 24th, but there has been nothing new to report on negotiations about a  new contract.

    Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff is saying all the right things, stating he wants the young blueliner to remain long term. The question might be this, does the American want to come play up North in a cold climate like Winnipeg? Some reports before the NHL Entry Draft had the Jets listening for offers for him and even lately there has been whispers of a move. If they do elect to trade their prized possession, they have to search high and low for the best deal. As much as some people may think, the Jets are not deep in  net or up front, with the exception of the blue line.

Are they waiting for Schenn?

    Is Bogosian and his agent waiting for Luke Schenn to sign in Toronto? Zach is better offensively, while Schenn is better in his own end. The two are comparable, but what are they worth? Short term (1 or 2 year deal) they’d be worth 2.5 or so, a long term deal more than four years might see them make between 3 and 3.5 million, setting both of them for free-agency at a young age. My thoughts on Bogosian is this, the longer this goes on (mid August) the more we need to be worried about him not returning. The Jets have relieved Craig Ramsay and John Torchetti of their coaching duties, both had conflicts with the unsigned American last year, one would have assumed that would have been the first sign he was returning.