Habs and Lighting played a game of back and forth. Carey looked like Lindback through out the game, who started for the Lighting. The Tampa team got the first goal of the series on a lucky break. Less than 10 seconds later, number 14 of the Montreal Canadiens scored. That’s Tomas Plekanec for those that care and for all the Paul Maclean’s in the world. Montreal sought full control of the game right off the start and it was a continuation throughout the game. The five man unit was defensively sound and all four lines were rolling, especially the fourth line of Weise, Bournival and Danny Briere. The Lighting had the first two leads of the game, while Montreal had the next two leads. In the end, an uncharacteristic pinch from Weaver leads to a 2 on 1 for Tampa. Stamkos tied the game. The Lighting struggled to create a forecheck the whole game, resulting in badly being outshot. The Canadiens fans left with a bolt of Lighting flowing through their body. Montreal won in OT. Carey Price was extreme in the extra period. The Price of cookies for the Lighting definitely dropped in OT. Stamkos is great, but wait, Carey is greater. The Montreal Canadiens are the greatest.


At 5:59 on Friday night I came downstairs with a Montreal Jersey on. I kneeled to the ground, reached into my pocket and placed two quarters that become lucky overnight in the exact same place they were for the first game. I threw my Gallagher shirt over the back of the chair, chugged a beer by 6:03, and then settled in. I listened to the Canadian anthem and muted the American anthem, it just happened the first game, I don’t know why. Told my Momma I loved her, told my best friend I use to sleep with his girlfriend. Thought I mine as well air out some dirty laundry, before going outside to slip into my dirty undies. Montreal in the first period calmed the storm that was caused by the Tampa Bay Team. The utilization of rolling four lines, and calm and smart decision making was leading to a great start by Montreal.  Carey Price also made a few early saves; I’ll admit it doesn’t hurt. Clearly when Price makes big saves, it’s indicative of what is about to occur during the game. Montreal strikes first in this game, breaking the 0 for 27 PP. A slap pass from Subban to Desharnais( a small player) puts the good team in front. Montreal then found scoring from unlikely sources (Bourque and Gallagher). Tampa couldn’t seem to push back enough and elevate their game. For the Lighting players after the game told the press it felt like the 2012 NHL lockout. Then Lindback is pulled in the third; the unknown Latvian goalie goes in net. Bourque scores again, Team Canada 4 Latvia 0. Price should have had the shutout, but Team Canada allowed a late goal on a two-man advantage for the Lighting. Eller line 4 goals Plekanec line 2 goals and Desharnais line 2 goals Briere line 1 goal. Is this a one line team? All four lines score first game. Too small or just Too Good. 4 outta the 9 goals by the small players. Lighting does strike twice.