by Brandt Corbin

    As first suggested here on Winnipeg Hockey Report a couple of weeks ago, a few reports indicate that defenseman Zach  Bogosian is available. If this is true, this could mean two things in regards to a possible return. The annual NHL Entry Draft is five days away, could the American re-guard be dangled as trade bait to move up into the top three? Or could he be used to attract a top line forward such as Jeff Carter or Ales Hemsky?    

     A few reasons he could be made available. Does he want to stay in the States, and not come to a very cold climate in Canada. Could they be planning to keep the same coaching staff, one that had issues with Bogosian last year? Or could it be they find they have enough depth on the backend and want a major upgrade up front.

 Despite struggles, trade value high    

     Statistically he had his worst season last year. But, being he’s 20 and going into his fourth season, he’s years away from hitting his peak. So his trade value is sky high, does the club want to move him while the value is high and not risk it lowering if he struggles early? If they do decide to move him, they must ensure they get more than enough in return. A bad rate of return could set the team back years. As an example Ales Hemsky for Bogosian is a trade I would flat out refuse. Hemsky in 1 season will become a UFA and of course is injury prone. Jason Spezza from Ottawa is another player I would avoid, simply because of his salary, to many dollars and year left. Carter would be interesting, but I would see the Flyers needing to throw in a 4th rounder or a mid-grade prospect.    

      I would strongly suggest if the team will move Bogosian, he would be moved by next weekend. Winnipeg might be not happy with what’s available on July 1 on wants to make the move now.