by Brandt Corbin

            On Friday June 24th, 2011 the Winnipeg Jets again were reborn, and this time they won’t be going anywhere. Did team ownership really have a choice, in regards to the team name.? If they would have named the team something else, they very well could have regretted it the entire time. The Winnipeg Jets mean to Manitoba, what the Saskatchewan Rough Riders mean to Saskatchewan. To new and old hockey fans of the Jets, the team means just as much as the Leafs and Canadiens do to there fan base.  “Still have goose bumps from (Mark) Chipman saying "on behalf of the Winnipeg Jets"!! Even tho we knew the name in the afternoon,” said an excited Jet fan on twitter.

            After successfully purchasing and relocating the team from Atlanta, True North owners of the Jets were reluctant of the Jets name. Other options out there were, the Falcons, Moose and the Monarchs, but when it was all said and done, the fans wanted one name and that was the Jets. “Still can’t help but wonder if the return of the Winnipeg Jets is for real,” twittered one Winnipeg Jet fan.

            One thing that most won’t think about, are those seasonal hockey fans. Those who only follow the team when they’re winning or when in their in the playoffs. With the familiar name being back, they could jump on board earlier than usual.

New Look Jets

            Without question the team will have brand new jerseys with new team colors. But, could we see a familiar third jersey, one that would remind fans of the old school team colors?

            Make no mistake, Winnipeg are going through 3 different stages of excitement. Round one of excitement, came when the relocation became official. Round two was at the draft when the Jets name became official. The final stage is when training camp opens, and as we get closer to the season.