by Brandt Corbin

    The Winnipeg Jets continue to add depth within the organization. As predicted earlier today on, the Jets have their signed depth centerman, after inking former Vancouver Canuck Rick Rypien. With Tanner Glass and Rypien being signed in the past few days, all signs point to former Thrasher Eric Boulton not being re-signed.  

     Now it’s early in the off-season, but is the team taking a similar approach to the Toronto Maple Leafs? A skilled, speedy top six forwards, then the bottom six being truculence and belligerence? The “bottom six” as it stands right now would be Chris Thornburn, Jim Slater, Tanner Glass, Patrice Cormier and Rypien, not the most peaceful bunch of forwards. Now the hometown fans aren’t likely to complain about rough and tumble hockey, but the fact remains the Jets are playing in the softest, least physical division, the Southeast. Of the Panthers, Lightning, Capitals or Hurricanes who is the most physical? One could make the argument, those four clubs are among the four least toughest teams in the league.   

     The other side of argument is that the Jets will being play 40 games against the Northeast and Atlantic division, teams over there are allot tougher. We’ll find out if this approach will pay off is October.