by Brandt Corbin

    A point a game player in the WHL and ECHL plus a 27 goal scorer in the AHL, the Winnipeg Jets are hoping for some similar production from newly signed Aaron Gagnon. Today the Quensel BC native signed a 2 year contract. The first year of his of deal is a two way contract, but his second year of the contract is a one-way deal, which all but guarantees he’ll be in the Jets line-up for 2012-13, if not sooner.  

   The 25-year-old centerman spent the last four seasons with the Dallas Stars. In the last two seasons he’s played 21 games in the NHL, getting 2 assists while being –3. He’s known in the AHL to be a good two-way center, better than average faceoff man. He’s got 95 points in 136 games in the last two seasons in the AHL.