#1 Colorado Avalanche against #4 Minnesota Wild- Colorado could be a team of destiny with their “lucky” first place finish. However, Minnesota has played some of their best hockey as well. The addition of Ilya Bryzgalov looks genius for the Wild management at the moment, but how long will it last? The Minnesota Wild could benefit from having more experience in the long run but Colorado is a very talented team. All things in consideration, the Colorado Avalanche should win in 6 games.


#2 St. Louis Blues versus #3 Chicago Blackhawks- Losing six straight games, the St. Louis Blues need to win the first game of the series. It’s a little harsh for a team that really wanted to get to the Stanley Cup when they have to play their nemesis first round. You could spend your time naming all the superstars in this series and that is the beauty of this one. Could be a potential upset. Might be a short series for the Blues if they don’t wake up. In the end, the Blackhawks are the better team and could win in 4.


#1 Anaheim Ducks against #4 Dallas Stars- Another series where there could be an upset. No one would bet against Getzlaf and Perry but then Seguin and Benn are pretty good too. Anaheim’s biggest down fall is in net. The Ducks will be starting rookie goalie Frederik Anderson in game one of the series and we could see either Jonas Hiller or John Gibson if this decision doesn’t pan out. I think this one will be an upset, the Dallas Stars take the series in seven.


#2 San Jose Sharks versus #3 Los Angeles Kings- The second of two playoff series where it doesn’t snow anytime of the year in that particular State. Can San Jose knock off the California monster known as the L.A Kings? Doubtful. If I had to choose a player from any team it would be the King’s Drew Doughty. Doughty is the best defenseman in the game and he can also score, when needed. It’s getting to be do or die time for big old Joe Thornton, he is slated to be the next Old Yeller if the Sharks can’t make it to the cup. My prediction, the Kings win in six.