Every off-season the Winnipeg Jets get rid of a few more weak links. There are two players in the Jets organization that fans would love to see go at the end of this year.

Last season Nik Antropov was easily the biggest target to go at the end of the year. This time around, there are two players on the chopping block.

The proud fans of the city of Winnnipeg will be smiling when and if Ondrej Pavelec and Evander Kane are let go this spring.

Ondrej Pavelec’s demise likely started when he was charged with a DUI in 2012. Pavelec pleaded guilty to driving drunk near his hometown of Kladno Czech Republic. Reports stated Pavelec had two and a half times the amount of the legal alcohol limit in Manitoba at the time with 0.2.

Now flashback to Sochi. Easily the worst goalie in the Olympics. Good for Ondrej Pavelec though, at least he didn’t have to face the Canadians. Maybe Canada could have their break out game against him, we will never know.

Poor play didn’t end at the Olympics either for Pavelec. Everyone watching the Leafs game Saturday got a sense of just how clueless he can be. Is Ondrej getting drunk the night before secretly? Or does he drink before the game?

Now on to Evander Kane, he’s the “super target” of the franchise. It sure doesn’t help Evander’s case he has the mind of a high schooler. Not too many NHLers act like they’ve never seen money before.

I think it is sad Evander is Evander. Two years ago, Kane had 30 goals and remains the only player to do so. If Kane was producing there might not be as many people bashing him day to day.

This season, Evander Kane’s production has dropped drastically to only 17 goals. I would give some credit to Kane, he is on a line with virtually no one and has been inured some time.

In the end, I will be somewhat sad if Kane is gone but not Ondrej Pavelec. I was never a fan because his rebound control has always been terrible. Time to move on and find a #1, Pavelec is not that. 

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