One interesting note, that takes effect June 28th, 2011 @ 5pm, Winnipeg will have to decide whether or not to qualify 10 players, or let them become unrestricted free agents. The following players need one-way contract offers (amount listed is required to qualify them), whether the players accepts the offer does not matter, as they become restricted free agents.

Rob Schremp $788,288 (One-Way)

Anthony Stewart $695,750 (One-Way)

Zach Boogasian $826,875 (One-Way)

Andrew Ladd $2,350,000 (One-Way)

Blake Wheeler $2,200,000 (One-Way)

Brett Festerling $577,500 (One-way)

Without question Ladd, Boogasian and Wheeler will be qualified, Stewart likely will be qualified but it’s not guaranteed, Festerling and Schremp will likely become UFA’s

Following players need two-way offers

Ben Maxwell $715,000

Spencer Machacek $687,000

Arthurs Kulda $551,833

Riley Holzapfel $687,500

Likely all four will be extended qualifying offers, Machacek being a mortal lock.