The first time I went to the Jets game they were taking on the Canadiens. This was my favorite team growing up, I watched three Montreal Canadien games in Montreal of course. It wasn’t the first game obviously that the Jets were playing the Canadiens, so don’t get too excited. Although there was more excitement in that game just because the Jets won. But does this beat the first ever game in the MTS Centre. I leave that one to the folks. There was a lot of excitement in the first game, however they lost, the second time around they won, but this was the first game back, I don’t know the answer. I personally wish I went to the first game (JK).


What I remember the most happened at the end of the game. In the urinal area some hump next to me decided to rip my childhood team. Habs Shmabs were the words that urinated from his potty mouth. I don’t know what that meant cause I primarily don’t speak Missing playoffs is our tradition. I did not say anything that night, but I did call him back when the Jets missed the playoffs this year. I said hello this is Habs Shmabs I was hoping we would meet again, I am just confirming that you ordered the 3 year long non-playoff deluxe with triple super stinky cheese, the kind non-playoff teams eat.  If this is true say Jets Suck if no hang up and say Habs Shmabs ruuuule. The Jets were good that game don’t tell me I am wrong. I give them credit shutting out Price 4-0. I don’t remember who scored because I was in the box suite. I was very lucky that they have a TV up there that allows you to flick over to any other NHL game. The starting line-up is something I particularly remember, probably the most exciting part of the game, most people would agree. Pizza up front, Chicken Wings on the back end, and a big large beer was in the goal, literally. (Sorry Pavelec get your hands off that).