The Jets played host to the Big Bad Bruins tonight. More like Teddy Bears. The B’s were certainly in town tonight. No sight of their “A” players as Patrice Bergeron Big Z Chara and Tukka Rask and Chris Kelly (thought I would throw that in) are all out of the line up. This certainly was the B team. Winnipeg, however, were missing a lot of there regulars as well most notably Buff, Ladd and Mark S.


The Bruins in the 1st period came out heavy hitting as usual, Jets replying though with an equally strong effort. Olli takes a lazy penalty at 15:30 of the beginning period. The Jets kill it off.  At 9:48 of the starting period the Bruins with a simple dump in, has Marchand chasing the puck down. He ends up being the first to the party as Adam Party of the Jets shows up late as usual, Marchand then cuts across the crease goes to his backhand, it goes in. The highlight of the period for the Jets was certainly Hutch the goalie, he made just a fabo save on Iginla late in that period. The first period saw a lot of one-man efforts from the Jet players that end in no substantive result. The Jets were taking a lot of hobo shots that period, these shots will never find a home (the back of the net folks, the back of the net). In the second period the fourth line of the Jets becomes relevant. They are certainly Pumpin and Humpin tonight. They always seem to keep their feet moving down low and are all over the Bruins players when they don’t have the puck. They bring a lot of puck possession in the other zone, killing off valuable time. Hutch then stops Lucic. Then Hutch stops Iginla, then again, then again, then again, then again. Who is this guy? Hutch is getting Jiggy with it tonight. In the third period the Jets are saved once again by Hutch. The Bruins goalie Johnson on the other end is equal to the test. Then with 2 minutes left in the game the Speedy Hot Rod (Blake Wheeler) of the Jets splits all five Bruins players, gains the zone and drops it for the Lighting Rod (Evander Kane), Lighting strikes tonight. Nothing solved in overtime and Jets win in a shootout. Hutch gets the win and all three stars go to him. Hutch gets his first win at 24, now don’t go sign him to one of those 6 year, 6 million dollar contracts.


Tonight the B’s stand for lots of Beers and the Blue Bombers. If that team doesn’t make the playoffs, they will be Blue and Sold this year that is my prediction. But enough with footsy it was hockey tonight. To be B or not to B that is the question, I guess not to B tonight as the B’s brought their B game. Bruins fans at home are thinking Bull$hit, no its true we shat on your B’s tonight, Go Jets Go.