by Brandt Corbin

   When will this off-season every end? It has been 4 months, 120 days since the Atlanta Thrashers 2010-11 season ended. The Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg 71 days ago, and to this day there has been little if no talk about re-signing defensive prospect Zach Bogosian. If anything there has been just as many rumours of him not wanting to play in Winnipeg and thus being traded. Chances are this could be the case. We’re just over 1 month away from training camp, so one has to assume this has to come to an end and sooner than later.

     I’ve said this all along. Bogosian’s stock right now is high, if you move him you can get a great package in return. If he re-signs, and struggles early in the season, his stock will plummet. Who would want a kid locked up for 3-4 years making 3-4 million per season, especially if he shows signs of not wanting to play for the city or coach. The flip side is this, he re-signs and he performs as expected (as a top 3 defenseman) and his stock remains very high. It’s a calculated risk, the Jets need to take. They’ve got to get a feeling from Bogosian, does he want to play in Winnipeg or not.  If he shows any signs of resistance, you move him out.

     One would assume when the Bogosian situation is fixed one way or the other, the team can then move onto other possible changes. If Bogo stays, it only makes sense for Ron Hainsey or Johnny Oduya to go, only because they make a combined 8 million per season and one of those (2) would be the 5th de-man. Lately there has been some rumours of Oduya (who is a UFA next year) being moved before the season starts, with Columbus or Montreal becoming a possibly destination.

     Just for the hell of it, let’s throw some scenario’s out there.  If you were GM for a day would you trade Bogosian to the NY Islanders for Josh Bailey and Calvin Dehaan. What about Bogo for Sam Gagner and Tom Gilbert. Now I think we can do much better than that. The teams that would be after our 4 year pro are endless, one would assume at least a dozen teams would be after his services. The biggest need if anything is some more help up front, preferably down the middle. I would attempt to get someone around the same age as Bogosian, someone that can grow with the young core already in place.